Beginning a New Chapter

IMG_8667On Maundy Thursday (the night before Good Friday where we commemorate Jesus’ Last Supper with His disciples) I received a call from the president of The Kings University, where I had been serving as the Director of the Colorado extension campus since 2014. He told me they had decided to close all of their extension campuses. It was hard news, yet I knew God was in control.

The Backstory

I came up through the “Jesus Movement” in the 1970’s in Southern California and began in pastoral ministries right after finishing college. I served on the pastoral staff of two large churches, one in the Los Angeles area and the other in Denver before planting a church in Colorado Springs, where I was privileged to served as Senior Pastor from 1984 until 1999.

At that time we transitioned from the senior pastoral role and began working with AFMIN (Africa Ministries Network), training and equipping thousands of African pastors and leaders. Between 2000 and 2014, I had traveled to Africa 42 times and had the honor of training over 10,000 pastors and leaders face-to-face and thousands more through our ‘multiplication’ impact.  For eleven years, I was privileged to lead a project in the massive Nyarugusu Refugee Camp where we saw over 1000 churches planted inside three refugee camps!

In 2014, I accepted the opportunity to serve as the Director of The Kings University’s extension campus in Colorado Springs. I was able to continue to work with AFMIN (which is now known as EMIT Global). When I was told that the University had chosen to close all their extension campuses my immediate response was to reach out to EMIT Global and consider ‘jumping back in’ full time with this remarkable work.  I will direct the Liberia, West Africa project, including both a pastoral training project and women’s initiative, as well as travel and teach in other African projects and help develop training curricula.  I will still live here in Colorado, but travel frequently to Africa.

The Future

One of the remarkable new initiatives within EMIT is our Women’s Empowerment Initiative!

EMIT is moving to the next level of wholistic leadership development by extending our training to a wider audience of community leaders – women! While Africa appears on the surface as a patriarchal society, just beneath the surface, women are the lifeblood of African culture and society.

In 2016 EMIT launched women’s initiative projects in Zambia, DR Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi. More than 1000 women were in attendance, including government officials, business, and church leaders. The enthusiasm of our launch had confirmed the massive hunger and need for training the women of Africa – for the sake of God’s Kingdom and to see lives, communities, and cultures transformed by God’s grace!
Our training curricula includes such issues as:

• Biblical Theology of Gender
• Mentoring and Spiritual Growth
• Biblical Literacy, Communication Skills, health issues, family dynamics, and more.

IMG_4920This position requires me to raise my own financial support. I am humbly asking if you would prayerfully consider either an initial lump sum gift, or be willing to commit to 12-18 months of monthly support as we get started again. Because of the short notice we were given by the university, we’re trying move quickly on raising support, and thus, I’m reaching out to you. Thank you for prayerfully considering this. I would be delighted to meet with you and share what God is doing! You can privaECFA logo jpegte message me on Facebook, or email me at: and I will respond right away!!  Emit Global is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.  

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