Back to Liberia – the poorest country on the planet!

It’s been a challenging year. Those of you who know us also know about what our family has been through. [You can read my most recent blog at:] Then, as we were making our initial plans to return to Liberia, in West Africa for our pastoral training project, my dear friend, and our Liberian coordinator, Pastor Peter Flomo tragically died right after Christmas as a result of routine dental work in Liberia! This was, quite honestly, a ‘kick in the stomach, because it seemed so senseless!

In a couple days, I will be returning to Liberia, which once again, made the ‘list’ as the poorest country on the planet!

Since Pastor Peter’s untimely and tragic death, I have connected with several other pastoral leaders who are so genuinely excited about our intention to provide pastoral and leadership training in this impoverished nation. My dear friend, Dr. Mark Glenn, from Illinois, who has accompanied me three times to Liberia already will be joining me… Mark is a great friend and a great travel partner!!

We have tried to set our expectations to a reasonable level, as we gather pastors and leaders together and share our vision and our heart to provide practical and solid Biblical training to enhance their leadership skills and be a blessing and encouragement to them.

Nothing about Liberia is easy. Everything seems like a challenge – the incredible traffic in the capital city, the absence of even basic infrastructure (after almost 20 years of civil war, followed by the horrific Ebola crises, the country is in shambles) yet, there is something about the remarkable resilience and optimism of these people that keeps us coming back!

Mark and I will do our best. We will meet with pastors and leaders, encouraging them, envisioning them, and training them to the best of our ability.

Thank you for praying for us and being such a support to our efforts!! It truly makes a difference!!   Thanks to the generosity of my son, Erick, and his organization, Every Home For Christ, we have some compact video equipment we’re taking with us and our hope / intention is to be able to get some of our experiences ‘on screen’ so you can see!

Still in His Grip,

Steven Todd

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