When crying is all you can do.

After 11 years of going to this remote region of the world, I didn’t think anything was left to ‘shock me.’  I was wrong.  It was our last day inside the refugee camp, where we were training and equipping hundreds of refugee pastors.  I helped Pastor Daffa’s wife, Lillian distribute gift boxes from Samaritan’s Purse to the scores of orphans inside the refugee camp.

About 75 dusty little children dressed in what can only be described as rags gathered anxiously to receive their gifts.  The gift bags only contained a few simple items, some ‘flip flop’ sandals, a few personal hygiene products, some hard candy, and a Bible storybook with brightly colored plctures and illustrations.  Yet, you would have thought we were passing out expensive entertainment systems or money for the way in which these children excitedly screamed and carried on.  With the tremendous help of a number of adult refugees who help lead the churches, we were able to keep the kids calmed down enough so no one got hurt.

One little girl (photo above) struck me.  She had an infant on her back, with a toddler on her lap so I took a photo of her.  The girl couldn’t have been any older than maybe 9 or 10.  It was only as we were preparing to leave the refugee camp that I found out this girl’s mother and father had both recently died and she is now the primary caretaker of her little brother and infant sister!

I lost it.

There was nothing I could do, we had already given the gifts, we had helped our refugees as much as we were able, and now we were driving out of this terrible place and knowing what I now knew about this precious little girl, all I could do was cry – and pray for her.  It is truly for “the least of these” that we are doing what we’re doing!  Thank you for partnering with us!  Together, we are making a difference!

“Those who give to the poor, lend to the Lord!”


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